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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prevost

So many words, so little ink.
Shh. Am shazin whabbitsz. I'm learning how to tame Words for documentaries
Chemtrails above my gardens Le vent l'emportera KM 87
Lady Strathcona: Men at Work Lady Strathcona: sea taxis Lady Strathcona: Tchoos Tchoos
Lady Strath:Tchoos Tchoos

Writing is a weird process. Honestly. Makes my brain hurt something fierce. Especially when I write in English. Or French. Actually, my brain hurts most of the time.

But I don't want any other path. So, there it is. Deal with it.

Know anybody on my wavelength? Contact me. Thanks.

Lady Strathcona: Nomads
And I'm still learning to tame Words for scripts
Beth  Target Unlocked Kenneps
Depleted Uranium Thank you Reptilian Thank You


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