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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prevost

So many scripts , so little ink.
This year, Words is the word. Shorts, Features, Fiction, Documentaries, you name it.
Chemtrails above my gardens Le vent l'emportera KM 87
Lady Strathcona: Men at Work Lady Strathcona: sea taxis Lady Strathcona: Tchoos Tchoos
Lady Strathcona:Tchoos Tchoos
Beth  Target Unlocked Lady Strathcona: Nomads

I look forward to working with other people in the industry, and learn with them and from them while getting paid - handsomely I hope - and rewarded for my craft.

Apprenticeship can be lonely sometimes.

Know anybody on my wavelength? Contact me. Thanks.

Depleted Uranium Thank you Reptilian Thank You


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