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Maybe I'll get to pluck my own mangos
[Canada out of Haiti! A Complete System for the Revitalization of Haiti

Last time I went was 1983.

My sister and I want to help rebuild.

She brings many Tofu experts from British Columbia and Taiwan to help feed local appetites. And she promises authentic tastes.

I've tasted her braised tofu goat roast. I've eaten her tofu codfish. I'm on her team. She even has her advertising campaign ready. And her distribution network too.

Me, I'm not sure what I bring. So I'll be Grunt. Operations Manager. Making it happen.

Martin lies, Haitians die
Radical Forgiveness
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Somewhere down the line there will be a village where no one goes hungry or afraid with a big healing center and beehives and workshops and tender ceremonies.
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I want to return.
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I want to return so bad.    

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