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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prevost

46 years on this planet


Business, Sales & Marketing

  • 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience gained over 3 continents with communication agencies, consumer good companies and grassroots organizations.
  • 3 startups
  • Self-employed: Synchronium Consulting Group, Internet Marketing boutique.

Adult Education

  • Marketing Basics (Ease and Equity Self Employment programs)
  • Online Search (Ease and North Shore Self Employment programs)
  • Internet Marketing (Ease, Equity, Metro Training Institute, Langara College)
  • Time Management and Decision Making (Ease, Langara College)


  • 14 stories published in French and English between 1986 and 2000
  • 2 Awards, SF Short story: Solaris (France, 1988) and Imagine (Quebec, 1989)
  • 1 Canada Art Council Exploration grant, 1991 for a Hypercard-based interactive novel.



  • Produced, wroted, directed and edited 4 short movies since May 2002.



  • Tarot Reader for 9 years.
    Present decks: Osho Zen and New Orleans Voodoo.
  • Massage (Shiatsu) for 4 years.
    Teachers: Rhianna Featherstone, RMT, West Coast College of Massage Therapy graduate.
  • 3rd Degree Reiki Master.
    Teachers: Carollyne Lefevres, Joasane Levan, Csilla, Georges   Draskoy.
  • Shamanic Studies (3 years) Teacher: Clinton Jarboe.
  • Reevaluation Counselling Fundamentals.
    Teachers: Elisabeth Shefrin & Susan Kammerell.
  • Personal Power Coaching 1 & II, Coaching and Leadership Int’l.
    Teachers: John & Betska Burr.


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