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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prevost

I miss my wolf pack

I did the Sterling Men's Weekend in April 1994, Birch Bay, WA, USA.

My sponsor is Claude Philoctete. He's another Haitian. We met cause I wanted to buy and Education Saving Plan for Benedict. He's the one who called me. I owe him my first men's initiation.

My Point Team was the Gargoyls. I met one of the leaders at the Dojo years later. Our division was the Eagles. Where Eagles Dare. We were the Gargoyls, along with the Warrior Monks, the Armpits, I joined or our team merged with the Windbreakers; we had a Rhino at UBC once. Each team was supposed to bring its own food so we ordered pizza. We would meet by the dyke or on #3 Road and we used a communityu center for division events. Where Eagles Dare. 5 of the men shared office space together. We met every year on an island by Steveston Road. Each team had to build its raft/boat solution with no engine whatsoever. I was team leader then and my men didn't like the idea and we did it anyway. I did Registration, I did, Stryke, I did Food, Enrollment, even won a toaster,




My 4th Men's Initiation. Hey, I'm slow.

I was shaman for 5 Legacy Discovery Weekends in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and New York. I was in my seat for my 6th one: Schull from Victoria and Rotterman from Calgary did a beautiful job.

Which men's group are you involved with?

Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prevost

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