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Planning your Website

Step One: Priorities

  • Sales Objectives
  • Market research Objectives
  • Positioning/Branding Objectives
  • Customer Service Objectives
  • Etc

Step Two: Competitive Intelligence

  • Metatags
  • Search Engine Exposure
  • Sales Funnel
  • Media Exposure
  • Online Content Strategies
  • Online Community Strategies
  • Traffic Building Strategies

Step Three: Navigation Architecture

  • Basic Page Template
  • Content / Section Pages

Step Four: Sales Funnel Integration

  • Within website
  • From website to Sales Management Software

Step Five: Content Strategies

  • Search Engine Considerations
  • Content Programming, Launch & Updates
  • Localization

Step Six: Community Strategies

Step Seven: Commerce Strategies

Step Eight: Domain Name Registration

Step Nine: Hosting Strategies

Step 10: Update and Maintenance Strategies

Step 11: Search Engines Submission

Step 12: Directories Submission

Step 13: Traffic Strategies

Step 14: Traffic Log Review


Mapping the Global Spread of the Net
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