A/M/O/K/ :: 651 :: 01 ::: AWAKENING
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I was a good slave. I didn 't even know I was a slave.
Amok 651: mind-controlled kiler for the New World Order.


Alan Murdoch Jefferson

White, Mid 50s, Multiple.

Amok 651 is just a pawn. A soldier of darkness. A mind controlled slave. A retired widower in a wheelchair with at least 6 different brain patterns.

John Taylor is Murdoch


Allan Jefferson Murdoch taught torture and other interrogation techniques at the School of Americas, the famous School of Assassins. Allan Jefferson Murdoch flew cocaine planes to Clinton's airports during Bush and Oliver North's Iran Contra affair.

Allan Jefferson Murdoch enjoys his sandwiches by the seawall of Stanley Park and he remembers nothing, An average next door neighbor with aching joints and breakfast routines and pictures of relatives, who by accident gets a chance to become human again.

Allan Murdoch Jefferson. Tortured into Amok 651 by the best of the best Nazi scientists evacuated during operation PaperClip. One of Dr. Greenbaum's creatures. Recycled, retired model without implants. Another US-originated Manchurian candidate.



White, Early 30s, Multiple

She's the dutiful daughter. The perfect caregiver. Thanks to years of training, she can love, make love, torture and kill without even blinking.

Her cover: nurse. Her implants: 18 of them. Her owner: Dr. Watson. Her mission: follow Murdoch like his shadow.

Dr. Watson

White, Late 50s, Master Programmer.

He studied under Dr. Greenbaum himself, best Nazi occultists rapatriated to the States during Operation Paper Clip. He worked in the States helping the Eugenics movement. He knows how to trigger Murdoch. And he knows why he must trigger him back.




Dr. Greenbaum

White, Late 60s, Master Programmer.

He was one of the Nazi occultists rapatriated to the States during Operation Paper Clip. He's the one who tortured children, women and adult males into full physicial and mental obedience. And he did it for a reason greater than money.


Black, Mid 30s, Journalist

Pompilus covered the botched DEA operation that reactivated Fernandez within Murdoch's buried memories. He doesn't know that this beautiful White American in his bed and his life was sent after him. He doesn't know that covering the race riots in Miami will lead him to his own search for identity.

Louis Mercier is Pompilus



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