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Published Stories, Awards and Nominations


Northern Stars

"Tears For Ersulie Freda"

Included in the 2000 "Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction" published by Invisible Cities Press in Vermont and edited by Nalo Hopkinson.

Made the 2001 Aurora Egibilbility List.

"Omer and The Zobop"

Published in Solaris 133, Spring 2000, Quebec.

Included in the 1998 "Divine Realms: Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Tales of the spiritual world" edited by Susan MacGregor and published by Turnstone Press.

This White guy landed in my village on day.
He was wearing a long white shirt and smoking a cigar.
He had so many freckles he walked like a a solar flare.
He smoked in the confessional.
When he was pissed off at Christ he would lock him inside the church and go fishing.
The confessioners were really confused.
He hasn't left since.
He's rude and crude but somehow we ended up adopting him.
Very clumsy.
Almost got himself killed by a zobob two nights ago.
A Zobop.
A human firefly, a sorcerer.
He made the Zobop shit his pants.
He didn't park properly.
Long story
"Adieu aux armes pour une fourmi-soldat"
1996 Aurora Award Nomination - Meilleure nouvelle en français / Best Short-Form Work in French.
Banff. Lake Louise. Jasper.
Remember these gondolas where you could see the entire lake, drink the green of the lake, follow the green everywhere down the water up the mountains, down the glacier, past the hotel, down the river? Remember the sky where you could hide fifteen mountains of thoughts?
Remember the Japanese geese in Banff, going down the gondolas?
Always together? Never alone?
See them in the gondolas?
One of them is about to desert.
He's a scientist.
A researcher.
Him and his team have developed the first working AI retina.
His left eye.
He's in this cabin going down with his boss.
He's taking pictures for the wife he left home.
The team he left home.
He's taking pictures of the green of the place.
1990 Aurora Award Nomination – Meilleure Nouvelle en français / Best Short-Form Work in French.
"Sous des soleils etrangers, fleurissent des parcometres"
Included in the “1989 Anthologie de SF Quebecoise” published by Yves Meynard and Claude J. Pelletier
Rhymes and Comedy.
We had to find something about parking meters.
So this is a song about the dialogue between the AI of a spaceship freighter and the Navigation Engineer Level I Apprentice who lost a cargo of parcing meters somewhere between Epsilon 23 and Beltegueuse.
"Marquise de Chernobyl"/ "Happy Days in Old Chernobyl"

1988  Aurora Award Nominee, Meilleure nouvelle en français / Best Short-Form Work in French.

1987 Ex Aequo winner of the Prix Imagine.

1988 Prix Boreal winner.

Published in Tesseracts 3, edited by by Candas Jane Dorsey and Gerry Truscott and in “Northern Stars: The Anthology of Canadian Science Fiction” edited by David G. Hartwell and Glenn Grant.

A team of eco guerillas, loosely connected to Earth First, makes armed open battle with McMillan Bloedel workers and security forces, including their latest android.
This was taken from the diary of one of the survivors.
He was there when the loggers blew the kid up.
That story had holes as big as my head.
No location.
No clothing.
No details.
So I had to go visit BC.
I'm still here.
15 years later.
Taking notes.
I suppose.
"Pas de dum-dum pour Mister Klaus"
1989 Canadian Aurora Award Nominee, Meilleure nouvelle en français / Best Short-Form Work in French.

An old man squatting in a rotting building.
A muezzin calling to prayers over Park Avenue in Mile End. Montreal.
A killer drowing in sadness for a missed comrade or lover who played exquisite violin.
3 hired guns unable to follow him in his insanity.
I loved Mile End.
Real pops straight from the fountain, real cheese and salami on toasted buns.
Bagels. Lox. Creamcheese.
Hassidic Jews with long sideburns.
The Milieu.
The 2 brothers and their wifes who owned the Greek restaurant, accross from the New Age vegetarian restaurant.
Ovarium floatation tanks.
I was home.

"Salut Le Monde"
1987  Aurora Award Nominee, Meilleure nouvelle en français / Best Short-Form Work in French.
It's about the last bunch of humans who managed to evacuate Earth.
He sold his left kidney for a seat in the waste storage area.
He's happy.
"Le Radeau Des Ames Jaunes"
Published in Revue Imagine... n° 47, 1989.
There was this statue in downtown Montreal. Facing the doors of an office tower. .
3 levels full of people including a Marge and Fred couple and a tweed jacket man studying a dying man and a Fool, I wrote that letter from the Fool aboard the radeau.
I would go there every full moon and study how office towers become so self autonomous they talk to each other.
I lived in the McGill Ghetto then, the building shaped like a thin slice of pie on Pine Avenue.
I had a job.
I was lonely.
I would come home and turn on "Three's Company".
Capuccino Buns
Published in Revue Solaris (Canada) n° 69, 1986.

I have no idea what this story is about.
Something bleak I suppose.
With a zest of macabre humor, on the side.
I was young.
My bleakness was still fuzzy.

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