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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost


Published stories, completed scripts and short movies



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P U B L I S H E D   G R A P H I C   N O V E L

  • 1981: With the support of the Universite du Quebec a Montreal's Telematique Department, I led a team of artists into producing the first Canadian comics on the Macintosh (Mac 512s).
  • We exhibited our work at the first Cite du Futur exhibit
  • Same year, the first computer-generated comic book - Shatter- was produced in the USA. We had good company.


P U B L I S H E D   S T O R I E S


C O M P L E T E D    S H O R T    S C R I P T S

  • “You’re Next” (Horror/Supernatural/Thriller)
    • Business Class. Last three minutes. First 757 to hit the Twin Towers.
  • “Belching Dragon”  (Comedy)
    • Skid Row bum forgot best friend’s birthday. Boy is she pissed off heh


C O M P L E T E D    F E A T U R E   S C R I P T S

  •  “Men Without Shadow” (Action/Metaphysical/Thriller)
    • White priest. Black shaman. Mermaid. Reptilian. Sometimes, Redemption can be Hell.
  •  “A/M/O/K/ 651:: Awakening” (Action/Horror/Supernatural)
    • Mind-controlled killer for the New World Order.
  •  “Target Unlocked (Musical Romantic Comedy)
    • Same crew. Same stars. Same sets. New movie. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
  • "Lovers' Leap" (Action, Love Triangle)
    • Montreal, 1972. A Wasp. A Queen. A Mafiosi.


P R O D U C E D   /    W R I T T E N    /    D I R E C T E D   /    E D I T E D   / S H O R T S

  • Los Dos Bleedingos
    • September 2004  1 min Langara College Music Video Workshop assignment. Who wants my heart? Music by Plastic Machine.
  • Dating Blindaka "Karen Rampion (the remix)
    • October 2003 5 min 24 hrs film contest entry based on “Rapunzel” by the Grimm Brothers.
  • YMAW 2003
    • August 2003. Young Men’s Adventure Week-End. 4 min. video. Black Eyed Peas::”Where is the Love”.
  •  Ho:Me:Less"
    • Aug. 2003. 4 min National Film Board exploration project. Tent City meets Block Party. Deep Forest: “Undecided”.
  • The Mermaid & The Valley
    • July 2003. 4 min. Music video. Footage from Stein Valley. Music unknown.
  •  Sylkie
    •   June 2003. 5 min. music video. When mermaid move to the Drive. Be Good Tanyas:: “Ship out on the sea”.
  •  “Who by Fire
    • Oct. 2002. 5 min. music video about the Parade of the Lost Souls. Leonard Cohen and Baraka.
  •  “Illu 02
    •  July 2002. 5 min. documentary about Illuminares' Lantern Parade. Live soundtrack.
  •  “Fall at your feet
    • June 2002. 5 min, music video. 3 men help their wounded comrade. Dire Straits:: “Brothers In Arms”.
  •  “Tucan Dance
    •  May 2002 24 hrs film contest entry.  Psychotic clone who thinks she’s the original singer finally snaps.

Resume: Download here.

Northern Stars
Chemtrails above my gardens
Dating Blind / Karen Rampion
Lady Sttrathcona : Ho::Me::Less
Who BY Fire
Prayers for GW Bush
Who wants my heart?
Tucan Dance
Mermaid & Valley
Men Without Shadow

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